“I have been working for TREM Oil for seven years. I started in a clerical position and was recently promoted to a professional level after taking advantage of our Educational Assistance Program. I can say that I would not have accomplished this without TREM's culture of encouraging personal growth. TREM has been an excellent place to work at.” — Barbara, Senior Lease Analyst

“I love being able to see almost daily how my work, effort and creativity can make an immediate impact to TREM whether it be reducing costs, creating better procedures and processes, resolving issues, etc. I also love the group of hard working individuals that I get the opportunity to work with everyday in US Onshore.” — Kane, General Manager

“In addition to fair pay and a healthy work environment, TREM provides what most people ultimately aspire to in their work — an opportunity to make a difference. Our staffs tend to be relatively small and therefore often take on multifaceted responsibilities. The culture of teamwork ensures people are receptive to good ideas no matter where they come from. As the Director of Compliance, I am fortunate to work in an area that touches our business all over the world, and I love the constant opportunity for new learning: about people, technology, laws, cultures, etc. It seems that virtually anyone interested in learning and enhancing their contribution, can do so at TREM.” — Michael, Director, Compliance

“I joined TREM because it had the most successful discoveries compared to other contractors and TREM has a lot of activities, which make my role in Human Resources very challenging.” — Siti, Senior Manager, Human Resources