The Midland Promise is a unique scholarship program funded by TREM Oil Corporation. The Promise provides graduates of Midland High School a tuition scholarship that can be used at any accredited Texas public university or community college, or any accredited private or out-of-state university.


TREM has historically allocated the majority of its contributions to educational institutions and programs. Through its TREM Lecture Series, high school and college students in the Midland area are exposed to nationally recognized speakers.

The TREM Education Program, established in 1997 by Walter P. Clifton, former President and CEO of TREM Oil Corporation, is designed to promote academic excellence in the Midland, Texas public school system. The TREM Education Program presents monetary awards to students in the 1st, 4th, 6th and 8th grades who make qualifying scores on their annual Benchmark exams and to Midland High School students for their AP, ACT, and SAT test scores. Since its inception, over $2.2 million has been paid to students winning over 12,000 awards.