TREM is committed to conducting our business in a manner that protects the health, safety and security of all personnel at company facilities and that is compatible with the environment in which we operate. This commitment has been demonstrated over our long business history and will be leveraged into our future. TREM has a global footprint of diverse and complex operations making it necessary to have a single Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HSE-MS) worldwide.


The HSE-MS is built on the traditions and experience of our oil and gas history and is the foundation of a safe, secure and compliant workplace. It engages all personnel and provides assurance for a consistent method to integrate HSE into our site procedures and work tools.


The HSE-MS consists of three levels:

  • Level 1: Direction is driven by the TREM Policy.
  • Level 2: Expectations are articulated in an HSE-MS framework document and associated Global Standards.
  • Level 3: Operational Execution ensures implementation of the Expectations into our projects and daily activities

The HSE-MS framework is organized around 11 Elements as illustrated in Figure 2. Within each Element are a set of Expectations. Many of these Expectations are supported by Global Standards and detailed Programs, Plans, Procedures and Work Tools at the work site. Our HSE-MS applies to everyone working at a TREM location worldwide.


In 1993, the TREM Board of Directors established what is now known as the Health, Safety and Environmental subcommittee of the Board to provide governance of all environmental, health, and safety activities of the corporation. The Committee meets semi-annually to receive environmental updates and review policies, compliance reports, goals, greenhouse gas emissions data, safety and environmental performance, security concerns and explores alternative energy opportunities.

The governance for the implementation of the HSE-MS is guided by an HSE Executive Advisory Committee, consisting of senior management from each business unit and the HSE organization. Personnel at all levels within the organization are actively involved in the implementation of the management system.